Random Summer Reflections


Unfortunately, it looks like the summer is wrapping up for us.

Sure, we’ll still have warm weather, outside events, and the occasional day on the Dunes.  But all the possibilities that lie in looking forward into the summer weeks is slowly fading away.

Fortunately, we’ve made some damn good memories again this summer, NWI, and looking back is almost a crime because we can’t relive the fun we’ve had.  Each year that passes, I try and take away some random ideas about Northwest Indiana life and how it impacts me.  And you all have been a big part of crafting these perspectives, so it seems only fitting that we share some of our 219 summer reflections from 2013 before we power through into the autumn season.

Summer Reflection #1- Region Rats are straight up social media rockstars.

@219_com is rapidly approaching our one year anniversary of social media presence for all you Region Rats and beyond.  And as strange as it is to celebrate something like that, we’ve done a bit of reflecting on our social media experiences with all of you and think it bears some praise for our online community.  Similar to our real life interactions with one another, people from all around the 219 area code have formed a close cross-section of the Hoosier population as social media has evolved.

For this, you all deserve applause and admiration.

When I stop to think about all the random interactions that have taken place just on Twitter and Facebook, those of you tied to the social media horn as much as we are truly make these social media platforms an enjoyable experience.  Some of you have made us laugh to the point where we nearly pissed ourselves, while others have gone on epic rants that only a Region rat would be capable of.   The NWI community is as unpredictable as the dreaded lake-effect snow coming off Lake Michigan, and that’s what makes you worth the price of admission.

What’s remarkable is how most of you have managed to be informative and entertaining while still maintaining a sense of community and decency amongst each other.  Sure, you always are going to have isolated hostility somewhere in the social media network, but I see all kinds of events and business being promoted by the aggregate community.  You see people responding to one another, jumping fearlessly into conversation, and respectfully sharing perspectives on some very touchy topics.

The staff here at 219.com loves being a part of your productive shenanigans, and we hope we can give a little back to you to keep this freight train going.

Summer Reflection #2- The 219 likes its booze.

Don’t get me wrong, this was pretty obvious a long time ago, but it stays true every summer.  Work hard, play hard, and avoid arrest.

Summer Reflection #3- There’s a ton more activities going on than meets the eye.

Let’s face it- no matter where in America people live, there’s always the constant complaint that there’s ‘never anything to do in my town’.  After a summer of parties, fundraisers, festivals, fairs and everything in between, it’s hard for us to label the Region as anything but a boring corner of Indiana.  And if being a beach bum just isn’t enough to turn on your summer swag, all it takes is a bit of casual exploring to find a destination in Northwest Indiana you can spend some quality time at.  If you’ve seen any of our posts from this summer, you’re undoubtedly aware that our team was trekking all over to let you know what’s worth checking out.

Inevitably, we didn’t scratch the surface when it comes to fully exploring all the Region has to offer.  We hope that our readers and followers will let us know what we missed and who needs to be more noticeable in Northwest Indiana.

Summer Reflection #4- Let’s take a moment to get right with ourselves.

Getting bummed out and feeling isolated comes with the territory when you’re alive sometimes.  It’s human nature to process through these kind of moments by logically tracing the situation to the root of the problem, where we point our finger at the cause of negativity.

Living in a social world leads every individual to all kinds of relationships- with places, with people, and most importantly of all, with one’s self.  As summer wraps up, we tend to look back and evaluate all that has happened and how it shapes our world and perspective.  We would be wise to do our best to first begin to view our own roles in these various relationships and how our actions have contributed to them.  Taking a step back out of your own shoes for a moment to evaluate your role in all your interactions means a deeper understanding of how we can enhance our roles in one another’s lives, and further, how we can derive a sense of being and purpose by cultivating our talents with a deeper sense of understanding of what the individual means to our world.

To be right with your world and achieve the necessary balance to thrive in it, all of us would benefit from a quick evaluation of ourselves- who we are, what we’re doing, and most importantly, what makes life enjoyable and enriching to ourselves.

Find what makes you happy and hold on for dear life- you always underestimate how much something means to you when it’s in its prime.

These are the reflections from summer 2013 in Northwest Indiana.  Random and diverse as they are, you might say it reflects our Region culture.

Keep your clocks an hour behind and your ozone levels to elevated- we have more living to do whether we’re in the Region or not.

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Vernon is a noted student of political science who grew up in Cedar Lake and now resides in Chesterton, Indiana. He is a financial policy analyst and consultant at a regional political consulting firm and provides political and social commentary on the Region whenever possible. In his free time, he enjoys golf, classical music, and training for triathlons.

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