Region R.A.T.S. Clothing Line Showing 219 Ambition




 Reaching Above The Stars an idea collectively put together by three young men right here from the DaRegion.  All growing up in Michigan City, Indiana and attending Michigan City High School together. Region R.A.T.S. Clothing Brand was started in September of 2011 by Courtney Lewis, JaVaughn Garner, and Tiere Jackson. Together, in the summer of 2012 Region R.A.T.S. put out their first design, the “Region R.A.T.S.” official logo.  The 2012 Winter Collection featured our first hoodie design that went on to sell out through our website therattrap.bigcartel.com. Following that, the 2013 Spring Collection featured four different designs, another first the Region R.A.T.S  Team.  

We are working to put out our Summer Tank Top Collection featuring new designs, along with our “Vintage Pacers” logo, which is coming back in color.  We’re looking to be feature as the second prizes for The Region’s Demonstration S.K.A.T.E. Tournament put on by our friends at Plastic Fresh Clothing Company.  We look to continue to incorporate the lifestyle of being from the DaRegion into our design.  Region R.A.T.S.  plan to grow within our community to show a different look on coming from the region. 





 My inspiration for being a part of the Region R.A.T.S. Clothing Brand ties back into the name of the brand.  The Region; Being from NWI, and growing up in Michigan City, Indiana. I love to be inspired by different things around my city.  From the beach to the lighthouse and everyday things right in my community gives me inspiration.  But traveling to all the different parts of the “DaRegion” has shown me that the idea of Region R.A.T.S. Clothing Brand can reach beyond just where I come from.  R.A.T.S.; for me I would apply it to my family and myself.  Because I know me starting my own business may have inspired my family to believe in me and in my dream, and I feel like it may have inspirited them to follow their own dreams. I look to continue drawing inspiration from my family and “DaRegion”.



My inspiration comes from a few different things. One of the first things that comes to mind as a inspiration would just be fresh stuff, all things fresh. I’ve always been one that was good at putting super fresh outfits together, and I thought that having the vision to do something like that always motivates and inspires me to wanna put out that type of stuff with our Region R.A.T.S. brand. After that, I would have to say that Michigan City inspires me greatly. I moved here from Detroit when I was eight years old and since being here, I have to say that living here just makes you want to get out of the city and chase your dreams down.


 My inspiration for the Region R.A.T.S. clothing comes from a everyday life around Michigan City and just my own personal sense of style in clothing, which comes from a vintage point of view. I think not being scared to be a trendsetter and not following the norm is also inspiration for our clothing line and to others to not be scared to step outside the box when it comes to what they wear.

We would like to thank David Wichlinski Executive Producer, And the 219.com team for this opportunity to be feature on your website.

~Region R.A.T.S.



{Editor’s Note: Social media is a beautiful thing- I’ve come in contact with awesome Region Rats like @regionratrants but especially these guys at Region R.A.T.S., a group of motivated and ambitious guys looking to keep a clothing line together that is strictly by region rats and for region rats.  If you haven’t had the chance to look at their lines, it’s really worth your time- these guys are some of the most creative and cutting-edge individuals when it comes to fashion and region pride.  Here’s a bit of an introduction to our newest featured writers, but you can be sure to hear more from these guys as they work their way to star dome with their talents.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have}

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